Temporary Tattoos

Adrenaline Montreal offers a variety of temporary body-art available for our customers:
Red Henna
Body Paint
Airbrush Tattoos
About Red Henna:
Your skin is constantly renewing itself and the outer layer -the epidermis- is replaced every three to four weeks, depending on the area of your body. Since henna only penetrates this top layer, and your body regenerates and discards the old skin cells, your henna design will gradually fade completely.
When the henna paste is first removed, the stain it leaves behind will be orange. This gradually darkens over the next two days to a deeper shade of brown. The brighter the initial orange colour, the darker the stain will become.
Henna tends to stain a darker shade on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Deep staining is linked to the body’s internal heat and blood circulation, and as the muscles of our hands and feet are used more than any others, it follows that the stain will be darker in these places. This is the reason why staining not as dark in areas such as the belly button or arms, but as you wash these areas less frequently, the stain may last just as long.
Bear in mind that skin types vary and this affects the way in which henna is absorbed.
After Care Application:
The longer you can keep the paste on your skin, the better. Anything between 3 and 12 hours will do the job. To protect your design (and your sheets) in bed, wrap Clingfilm (like saran wrap) around the design. This not only keeps the henna in place, but will add extra heat to encourage the paste to penetrate.
To remove the dried henna paste, dampen it with a cotton-wool butt dipped in vegetable oil. This loosens the dried paste so it should wipe away quite easily, and it also helps boost the colour. For stubborn pieces, you may need to gently lift away with the edge of butter knife.
Why is it orange? Remember not to panic. The colour you have once the dried henna paste has been removed will darken by almost 50 over the next 24-48 hours. If possible, avoid getting the area wet during this time, or at least for the next 5 hours.
Maintaining your Red Henna ‘Tattoo’:
Make sure you moisturize your skin twice a day (but not more), as this will keep it supple and slow down the natural exfoliating process. But allow the body lotion to be fully absorbed into your skin before you dress.
Do not scrub the decorated area when bathing, and pat, rather than rub, your skin dry. Always wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect hand designs when washing dishes or clothes. Avoid swimming – especially in chlorinated water – as this dries your skin and quickens the shedding process. Saunas and steam rooms both promote cell regeneration, so avoid these too. Do not use suntan lotion on the design area and do not use any bleached products because these may lighten or even erase your henna tattoo.

Please note:
Your Red Henna tattoo should last anywhere from 1 ½ weeks – 8 weeks.
Red henna must be made at least 6 hours prior to application; therefore booking an appointment is needed. The secret in the staining agent of Red Henna comes in the process of the fermentation of all its natural ingredients.
Body Paint:
Minimum price starts at $20.
Available in an assortment of colours.
The design can last anywhere from 3-5 days maximum and can be removed from the skin with rubbing alcohol.
How long it lasts depends on your skin type as well as if the design you choose is placed in a very high traffic area on the body.
To keep lasting longer avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, hot showers or hot baths, and saunas.
Avoid oils and lotions on the area as well.
Dab dry when exiting shower and apply a thin layer of baby powder to the area to ensure