Tattoo and Piercing Shop Sterilization

Adrenaline is one of the most hygienic and sterile piercing and tattoo shops in Canada. We are constantly consulting with health and industry professionals to ensure that our knowledge on sterilization and cross contamination is up to industry standard. In fact, our policies far exceed both federal, provincial and municipal guidelines. Our staff has received training and certification from Health Educators Inc. in, not only, infection control, anatomy and wound care but also in advanced piercing and tattoo theory and practice.
Adrenaline has an in house sterilization facility which contains many of the same instruments used in doctor and dental offices. Our autoclaves are tested mechanically and chemically everyday through the use of gauges, printouts, indicator and integrator strips, as well as tested biologically weekly through laboratory spore tests. All spore test results are also posted on this website! Every invasive instrument used at Adrenaline is run through the autoclave with its own indicator strip, in addition to those provided on the sterile pouches to ensure that proper steam saturation has occurred. Also, every autoclave cycle is run with a packaged integrator strip to ensure proper heat, saturation, and pressure was reached to appropriately sterilize all equipment. Every autoclave cycle is carefully recorded to correspond to accepted biological testing results to further ensure your safety.
Every needle, either for piercing or tattooing, used at Adrenaline is single use and is pre-sterilized or sterilized on site. All piercing and tattoo instruments go through an intensive cleaning procedure before they are ready to reuse. Before every piercing or tattoo at Adrenaline, you will see your artist remove all instruments, including gauze and cotton swabs, from its own individual sterile pack.
The tattoo and piercing stations are all disinfected using a hospital grade surface disinfectant. Every part of a tattoo or piercing station that is anticipated to become contaminated will first be covered with a barrier, such as dry back dental bibs, to reduce the chances of contamination. In addition to this, Adrenaline is equipped with hands free foot pumps for our antimicrobial scrubs and mouthwashes so contamination is totally avoided.
If you want to see for yourself, come in and ask for a tour of our sterilization room or check out our biological monitoring results under “Spore Tests” on this website. At Adrenaline, your health and safety is our top priority.