Professional Tattoo Aftercare Instructions


Leave bandage on for 12 hours.
If wearing a tatu derm bandage keep bandage on overnight (12 – 24 hrs).
Remove bandage and wash thoroughly in warm water with a mild,
unscented soap such as PurSan or Simple Cleanse.
Pat (do not rub) the tattoo dry using a clean paper towel.
Never re-bandage the tattoo.
With clean hands, apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare ointment such as
Simple Shield or PurTect. (ask your artist which product is right for you)
Remove any excess aftercare ointment by dabbing (do not rub)
with a clean and dry paper towel.
Ointment should be applied as per your artist’s instructions for 2 weeks
(2 to 4 times a day the first week and 1 to 2 times a day the second week)
Do not pick at or scratch the tattoo during the healing.
Do not swim or soak the tattoo and keep the tattoo out of
direct sunlight while healing.
Once healed (2 – 4 weeks) using sunscreen on the tattoo
will help keep it from fading.

*Any deviation from these instructions will void your free touch up.
Happy Healing! – Adrenaline

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