How much is an hour tattoo?

How much is an hour tattoo?

A Professional Tattoo artist will charge anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour in Canada.
Most of the time the artist charging the higher price will get more quality work done per hour making your tattoo take less time therefore costing almost the same for a higher quality tattoo.
Post Covid Tattoo rates have dropped  across the board so now is
 a great time to visit a quality Tattoo artist.
What does a $500 Tattoo look like?
The $500 Tattoo is approximately a three and a half hour tattoo.
this can be a large tattoo without much detail or a large fist size tattoo with beautiful detail. The tattoo world is your Oyster.
Is $50 enough for a tattoo?
To properly set up for a tattoo the costs are higher than that $50.
so in short. Never get tattooed for $50.
Cheap is not Good and Good is not Cheap!
Is $1000 normal for a Tattoo?
The price of a tattoo is always up to the client! If you are interested in a large quality tattoo then the $1000 range is right where you’ll live.
That can be split up into two or three sessions depending on your budget and proximity to you Tattoo artis.
What is a $200 Tattoo?
THe $200 Tattoo is a very common hour and a quarter Jaunt with your artist.
It’s no portrait or full calf.
It’s more of a beautifully styled lettering piece or a medium sized Flower colored to your specifications.
How big is a $1500 Tattoo?
The Gorgeous $1500 Tattoo will take the Talented artist a Full day to complete. It very possibly took Said artists hours to prepare.
This can also be split up into multiple sessions depending on the clients tolerance and budget.
Large detailed Tattoo that would cover a quarter arm or a decent part of a leg. an upper chest or a quarter of an average back.
This is taking into account this will be a detailed piece.
Do you tip your Tattoo artist in Canada?
If you tip the person that pours you a drink and the person that Delivers you meal.
You tip the artists that blesses you with the life long gift of body art.

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